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Becoming a Member!
Come together, Get together, Support together, Win together!

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Memberships 2022-23

Memberships 2023/24

We have simplified our fees from this season and there are three tiers available for seasonal memberships. These depend on which category your account with Manchester City is as per your age. These will apply to all renewals as well.



Aged 22 - 64



Aged 10-17

Young Adults

Aged 18-21


Aged 65 and Over



Aged 9 and Under

Memberships for the new 2023/24 season are open!

Please contact us if you have any questions before joining, or follow the three simple steps detailed below to join!

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Join Us

Joining is as easy as ...


Link your City Account

Log into your Manchester City account and click on the link below to go to our branch page on the OSC site. Once there, click on "Join Branch" button requesting to join the Milton Keynes branch. This will trigger your official application in the branch membership system and help City identify you in future as a branch member.


Fill a Quick Form

Fill this very simple branch application form, which is the same for both returning members that are renewing or new members joining for the first time. If more than one member of your family/household are joining than each will need to fill their own form. Only takes a few minutes to complete this.


Make the Payment

Once you have clicked on the link in Step 1 of this process, it will automatically trigger you receiving an email from the branch that details the two different ways that you can pay your membership fees. We accept these via PayPal as well as Bank Transfers. These three steps together form your complete application.

Membersip Benefits

One Love - Manchester City!

Membership Benefits

We are always happy to connect with new Manchester City fans.

Whether you are a newly converted fan or have been a fan for many years and thought you were the only one from around here!

As a member of this supporters club branch, you not only get to connect with other like-minded blues from the local City family, but there are numerous other benefits of joining up.

Connect with Blues

Connect with other like-minded fellow blues locally.

Home Tickets

Access to any home game tickets, including cups via  your branch.

Ticket Exchange

Give away your spares easily to other branch members if you can't make a game. Also find last minute spares from other members for City games, home and away!

Match Watchalongs

Not everyone can go to all the games, especially the away games or those mid-week Champions League ties. Come to our match watchalongs and support the team with friends. We support together, we win together!

Concerts at Etihad

Get early access to tickets for the concerts and other special events held at the Etihad Stadium. This summer some of our members enjoyed Ed Sheeran concerts while quite a few more are looking forward to seeing Coldplay next summer.

Club Wembley

Courtesy of a friend of the branch, we are sometimes given an opportunity to ballot two Club Wembley seats amongst our branch membership. And given how often we see our beloved club playing at Wembley, this definitely comes in handy.

Member Ballots

We work on zero fees for the branch, so any access funds at the end of the season are balloted back to members in Free Renewals for next year and other City related gifts, like match tickets or other City merchandise.

Social Meetups

Come around to our social meet-ups and make some new friends, who already love what you love as well.

Away Tickets

Access away tickets that otherwise are hard to come by. Usually these are balloted among the branch members as the demand is high.

Travel Together

Turn that two going to a game into four in a car. More the merrier plus share fuel costs. We are also looking at arranging a minibus for Seasoncard holders who travel to the Etihad Stadium regularly.

Exclusive Events

Go to exclusive OSC hospitality events, like the season opener and the annual CITC charity dinner . Meet with City legends past and present and other City executives while enjoying exclusive hospitality.

Access Seasoncards

Get on that Seasoncard ladder quicker than via any other route. We were able to secure new Seasoncards for quite a few of our members  over last two seasons.

Note: This is subject to what the club offers every summer and not guaranteed.

Mary D's Special

Regular at the Mary D's when you visit the Etihad? Get special season long access to exclusive first floor.

Membership Pack

Every season each member will receive a personalized membership card as well as some other City merchandise that is exclusive to OSC branch members, which is neither available in any shop nor sent to any other Cityzen Matchday or Seasoncard members.


What our members say ...

Amazingly run group full of great people! Couldn’t have been more helpful since joining, has led to me going to a lot more games and meeting lots of new people along the way.

Spencer M

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