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Established in 2021

Milton Keynes branch of the Official Supporters Club was incorporated in 2021 during the COVID-19 hit 2020/21 season. Our first full year as a branch was the 2021/22 season when Manchester City retained the Premier League title for the second time in five years. The current season 2022/23 is our third season bringing City fans together. Our growth over the last few seasons has been exponential and while still growing, we already are one of the largest supporters clubs (outside London) in the south.

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Our Story

Our Story

The COVID-19 pandemic hit football fans everywhere when football, like most other spheres of life, came to an abrupt halt in early 2020. That season was later completed behind closed doors, but the fans weren't allowed to return to stadiums for the whole of next season either.

As life returned to some form of normal and some social interaction was allowed again by the governments worldwide in early 2021, three avid City supporters, Ahmad Goheer from Milton Keynes, his brother Muhammad from Birmingham, along with Adam De Grouchy from Cranfield came together to set up this supporters club for the region that was clearly lacking any organized from of Manchester City support.

COVID-19 took so many lives worldwide in such a short period that was unprecedented.

One of our very own founding members, Adam, who was instrumental in setting up this branch,

sadly passed away in our early days but will forever be remembered at this branch.

MK Blues was formed to cover everything in and around Milton Keynes but the branch covers quite a large area. We are spread far and wide across the whole Oxbridge corridor between Cambridge in the East to Oxford in the West. In the North we stretch to Northampton and it's surrounding villages and are spread all the way down to Aylesbury and Luton in the South.

We were formally recognized as a Branch of the Official Supporters Club

by Manchester City on 4th January 2021

Year on Year Members

Year on Year Members


Inaugural Season


First Full Season


Last Season


Current Season
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Branch Committee

The Branch Committee
Season 2023/24

The present committee members were elected in August 2023.

New elections for all committee positions are scheduled for August each year, just before the commencement of the new Premier League season. Our forthcoming elections will occur in August 2024, in preparation for the 2024/25 season. These elections are inclusive and available to all branch members, offering an opportunity for anyone to nominate themselves for any role.

Nigel Johnson

Nigel, a dedicated lifelong supporter of the Blues (almost since 1968, a bygone era), brings a wealth of experience to our community. In his early years, Nigel honed his skills as a referee, dedicating two decades to officiating in the Dutch, German, Hong Kong, and Cyprus National Lower Leagues. His influence extended to the UK, where he refereed matches in the Northern Premier (now National League North), Isthmian, and other national feeder leagues. Heading the Northeast/Northwest Army Referees Society for four years, he is also a fully FA badged 2nd year Referee Instructor. Notably, Nigel served as the Fourth Official at several Football League games, including games for Middlesbrough, Southend, Hartlepool, Aldershot, and Darlington, in an era predating the inception of the Premier League.

Nigel's extensive background encompasses directorial roles within numerous international companies. Presently, he remains an engaged Sales and Marketing Director at a distinguished UK Aerospace and Defence Company.

As branch Chair, Nigel ensures the seamless operation of the branch, creating an atmosphere of happiness and satisfaction for each member. He diligently supervises fellow committee members, presides over regular meetings, and upholds the cohesive functioning of the entire branch.

He can be contacted at:

Julie Letts
Charity Officer

Hailing from Northampton, Julie proudly embodies her City fandom as a devoted local. After a distinguished 35-year tenure in the primary education sector with the Northants County Council, she has embarked on a fulfilling retirement journey. Alongside tending to her grandson, Julie generously contributes her time to a local care home, showcasing her compassionate spirit. Amid her varied pursuits, she also holds a keen interest in jump horse racing.

The stewardship of our branch's charitable endeavours falls under the jurisdiction of the Charity Office. This role encompasses the orchestration of all charity events, accompanied by a crucial collaboration with City in the Community and various local charitable organizations. Julie diligently ensures the conveyance of the latest information, channelling it to our valued branch members.

She can be contacted at:

Samuel Wilkins
Travel Secretary

Stay tuned for the imminent release of Sam's profile, which will soon grace this page with his contributions and involvement.

In his capacity as Travel Secretary, Sam shoulders the pivotal responsibility of managing all travel-related logistics. This encompasses the arrangement of collective travel on behalf of the branch, as well as facilitating connections among members for car-pooling to and from City games. This central point of contact for travel inquiries streamlines the process, sparing members the need to engage in direct communication to ascertain availability, space, or transportation needs. Sam's role enhances the convenience and cohesion of our branch's travel arrangements, fostering a more accessible and efficient experience for all members.

He can be contacted at:

Children's Representatives

This position does not hold full committee membership status and consequently lacks voting privileges in other committee affairs. Its inception aims to stimulate and engage our younger members in branch activities, fostering an understanding of voluntary roles' execution and their significance in cultivating a thriving community.

Among our youngest members, Mutahhar plays a pivotal role. He actively collaborates with fellow children within our community, overseeing their coordination. Additionally, Mutahhar spearheads our branch's Fantasy Premier League (FPL) leagues, diligently providing consistent updates to all branch members regarding league standings and related information.

To connect with Mutahhar, please reach out through the branch General Secretary at:

Ted Heath
Vice Chair

Ted's origins trace back a mere mile from Maine Road in Whalley Range, Manchester. Born into a household where football allegiances were diversely divided - his father a fervent Derby County enthusiast, his mother a dedicated supporter of Stockport County, and his sisters staunch followers of Manchester United - Ted navigated a labyrinth of football loyalties that would confound anyone.

However, Ted's path crystallized the moment he witnessed Manchester City triumph over AC Milan with a resounding 3-0 victory in 1978 (Booth, Hartford, Kidd). This decisive match, now dubbed "City's false dawn," etched an indelible mark on his heart, aligning his loyalty with the sky-blue side of Manchester.

The years that ensued bore witness to a rollercoaster of emotions as Ted passionately stood by his beloved team through thick and thin. Attending matches that saw losses against Walsall, Wycombe Wanderers, and Barnet, the highs and lows of results were juxtaposed with the jubilant atmosphere of inflatable bananas, whimsical fancy dress games, and the memorable allure of Niall Quinn's disco pants.

Much has transformed since those early days, ushering in a new era of progress marked by a modern stadium, substantial investments, an assembly of exceptional players, and visionary management. Ted's unwavering faith, bolstered by his enigmatic "Lucky Hat" has been rewarded with unparalleled success.

Ted's life journey encompasses 15 years as a director on corporate boards, and 13 years as a dedicated local football coach. These diverse roles have cultivated a wealth of experience that has paved the way for his pivotal role as Vice Chair within our branch. With an unwavering commitment to support the Chair in committee meetings, Ted's determination is integral to maintaining the branch's seamless operation. Beyond the administrative realm, he is resolute in fostering a welcoming and harmonious environment, ensuring that every single member finds a comfortable and joyful place within our community.

He can be contacted at:

Ashley Carne
Social Secretary

Ash, a devoted City Season Ticket holder, has cultivated a lifelong allegiance to Manchester City that spans his memory. Since becoming part of the MK Blues community, his fervor for MCFC has ascended to new heights. Residing in Milton Keynes, Bedford, and Northampton for the majority of his life, Ash possesses an intimate knowledge of prime (and not-so-prime) locales for game-watching beyond the Etihad Stadium.

In his capacity as the Social Secretary, Ash takes on the pivotal role of orchestrating all branch social gatherings and match watch-alongs. His active engagement extends beyond his designated role, as he readily supports fellow committee members, contributing to the seamless operation of the branch.

Notably, Ash also proudly assumes the mantle of the official (self-proclaimed) branch photographer. His ubiquitous presence can be spotted in nearly every picture within our branch's visual tapestry, a testament to his spirited involvement.

With Ash's multi-faceted dedication, our branch thrives as a vibrant hub for camaraderie and shared passion, solidifying his integral role within our community.

He can be contacted at:

Spencer Mackenzie
Social Media Manager

Spencer, a devoted Seasonticket holder in the south stand, proudly represents Northamptonshire while echoing his deep-rooted affinity for Manchester City, which was nurtured during his formative years spent in Manchester. His unwavering City fandom, cultivated since childhood, serves as a driving force behind his commitment. Joining the Milton Keynes branch during the 2021/22 season, Spencer is resolute in his aspiration to elevate our branch to a global benchmark of excellence.

In his role as the Social Media Manager, Spencer spearheads our online presence with meticulous care. His dedication ensures our branch remains prominently visible and consistently updated across diverse social media platforms. This concerted effort guarantees our branch members remain seamlessly connected through these channels, leaving no room for missed branch or club-related news.

Spencer's responsibilities extend to vital recruitment efforts, leveraging social media to attract new members and facilitate a perpetual growth trajectory for our membership base. His strategic role profoundly contributes to our branch's vibrancy and ongoing expansion, making him an instrumental figure in our continued success.

He can be contacted at:

Ahmad Goheer
General Secretary

Ahmad's name has become synonymous with the essence of our branch. He weaves a unique tapestry of passions and commitment. While his early years were marked by an unwavering devotion to cricket, it was the world of football that ultimately ignited his fervour for Manchester City. Over the span of numerous years, Ahmad's allegiance to the club has remained steadfast, a journey that culminated as a devoted City Seasonticket holder for well over a decade. Notably, Ahmad played a foundational role in the establishment of our branch, leaving an indelible mark as one of its pioneering founders.

In his capacity as the General Secretary, Ahmad undertakes an indispensable mantle. As the lynchpin of day-to-day branch operations, he adroitly navigates the intricacies of branch coordination, ensuring seamless communication among members. Beyond these responsibilities, Ahmad orchestrates vital exchanges with the Official Supporters Club administration and Manchester City itself, cementing his pivotal role in maintaining the branch's cohesive and productive functioning.

The demands inherent to Ahmad's role are significant, requiring a steadfast dedication that transcends mere duty. His unwavering commitment finds expression in the remarkable average of approximately two hours per day dedicated solely to branch matters. This level of devotion emphasizes Ahmad's integral position within our branch, highlighting his invaluable contributions and  reaffirming his role as a lynchpin in our shared journey.

He can be contacted at:

Jawad Ahmed

Jawad, a City Seasonticket holder, epitomizes unwavering dedication to the club that has been a cornerstone of his footballing journey. From the inception of his passion for the beautiful game, he has wholeheartedly embraced Manchester City, remaining a steadfast supporter throughout his life. This allegiance has fueled his fervent connection to the club, a bond that continues to shape his involvement in both the football community and his broader pursuits.

His professional commitment finds him contributing his expertise to the compliance department of HSBC Bank. Beyond his corporate role, Jawad stands as a beacon of devoted fan carrying the spirit of City with him in every endeavor.

In his capacity as Treasurer, Jawad assumes responsibility for overseeing branch finances. It is important to highlight that our branch functions exclusively as a not-for-profit organization. Any surplus accrued at the conclusion of each season is channeled back to members through complimentary renewals and other merchandise distributed via balloting. Additionally, these resources contribute to our ongoing support for both local charities and initiatives affiliated with Manchester City.

He can be contacted at:

Dick Ramkaran

Richard, a native of Milton Keynes, embarked on his football journey through the influence of his partner, Jennifer, and her Manchester-rooted family. The sport's fervor, ignited by his Manchester connections, has transcended familial ties, with five members of his own family joining our branch's vibrant community.

In his role as a General Committee Member, Richard assumes the position of an observer, not vested with voting rights in committee matters. However, his role extends beyond mere observation; he stands ready to offer guidance and counsel whenever requested by fellow committee members.

This multifaceted role within our branch serves dual purposes. Primarily, it provides an internal checkpoint, ensuring a balanced perspective without the influence of voting power. Secondly, it offers an ideal avenue for new members to immerse themselves in the branch's daily operations, providing firsthand insight into its functioning. This role serves as an introductory stepping stone for those who aspire to assume more active roles in the future.

Dick can be contacted at:

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